ISKO 2014 Conference

The International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) will hold its


13th International Conference (ISKO 2014) in Krakow, Poland,

May 19th-22nd 2014.

The theme of the conference is:

Knowledge Organization in the 21st Century: Between Historical Patterns and Future Prospects.

The Institute of Information and Library Science of the Jagiellonian University in cooperation with the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) is organizing an international conference dedicated to various aspects of knowledge organization in different countries, scholarly disciplines or areas of professional and practical activities. The conference is to be held in Kraków (at the Jagiellonian University) between 19th and 22nd May 2014.

Such conferences are organized by ISKO each two years in various countries – Poland is the venue for this conference for the first time. The organizers expect the participation of numerous eminent researchers from all over the world, first of all from Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, including Japan, India and Singapore.

We believe that the 25th ISKO anniversary will be a very good opportunity to discuss the future plans, perspectives and activities of this international organization and to share experience of its members from different countries. But the main goal of the conference is to indicate the future research directions and to foster the development of the discipline known as knowledge organization. It will be a brilliant occasion to present its achievements as well as to inspire new research projects and scholarly oriented activities for the future.


Main topics for paper and poster presentations are:

  • Epistemology of Knowledge Organization.
  • Information and Knowledge in E-Society.
  • Knowledge Representation.
  • Engineering and Management Aspects of Knowledge Organization (with now doubt in general the focus will be laid on Knowledge Organization).
  • Classification Schemes, Taxonomies, and Categorization Schemes.
  • Thesauri, Semantic Networks and Ontologies.
  • Knowledge Organization Systems for Understanding, Sensemaking, and Learning.
  • Knowledge Organization Systems for Decision Support Systems.
  • Knowledge Organization Systems for Knowledge Discovery in Very Large Datasets.
  • Data Modeling for the Semantic Web. Organization of Linked Data.
  • Indexing and Retrieval in Multilingual Environments.
  • Organization of Unstructured Information.
  • Multimedia in Knowledge Organization.
  • Web Indexing and Social Tagging.
  • User Needs in Knowledge Organization.
  • Automatic Categorization and Indexing.
  • History of Knowledge Organization and ISKO.
  • Knowledge Organization for the Future.

The Institute of Information and Library Science of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Organizing Secretary of the Conference – Dr. Magdalena Wójcik

National Coordinator ISKO in Poland – Prof. Dr hab. Wiesław Babik


Strona konferencji wykonana na podstawie projektu Dominiki Strzelec, Aleksandry Sierki i Magdaleny Zych. Projekt powstał w ramach zajęć "Projekty profesjonalne" w IINiB UJ. Dziękujemy.

Podziękowania dla Anny Wojnar z Biura Promocji UJ za udostępnienie zdjęć Uniwersytetu.